There is No Destination. Being a Stepparent Is Never-Ending, Always-Evolving.

by childless stepparent

Time. It changes things, if you let it.

So much time has passed since my last post and – as they always do – things have changed. My perspective has changed.

Rather than go into all the ways our situation has shifted (in a good way), I’d like to pause for a moment to reflect and give thanks.

Studies have shown that most stepfamilies take an average of seven years to bond. I am grateful that my husband, his daughter and I have hit our stride in about half that time.

We have a happy, peaceful life together. We are a family.

In upcoming posts, I will take a close look at how we got here – in case there are any experiences I can share, lessons that will help other stepparents in my situation. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy it.

There is no destination when it comes to being a stepparent. It is a never-ending, always-changing journey.

Manifesto #2 | I am a wife first and a stepparent second. I will enjoy being with my husband and his child. I will enjoy being childfree. I will create time and space for myself.