Don’t Expect Gifts from Your Spouse’s Child

by childless stepparent

When your spouse’s children are young, do not expect them to make you cards or gifts on the holidays. Not in the way they will for their parents.

If you do receive gifts, enjoy them. But don’t expect them. It will just make you sad or upset, and that’s not fair to anyone.

Give your spouse’s children a break. The same break you give yourself when you acknowledge that while you may love them, you cannot love them as your own. They may love you, but when they have two involved parents, they will not love you as a parent. And that’s okay.

The connection you have is something different. You occupy a different space in their mind. On holidays, your spouse’s children will be thinking of their parents. It’s as it should be.

Manifesto #3 | I am not a mom. The part of myself I thought I would give my child – as a mom – has nowhere to go, and that’s okay.

Question: How do you handle gifts with your spouse’s child? Have you ever been hurt when you don’t receive a gift? Have you ever received a gift that warmed your heart? Leave a comment with your thoughts!