3 Ways to Support Your Spouse as a Parent

by childless stepparent

Figuring out how involved – or not involved – you should be when it comes to supporting your spouse as a parent can be tough.

Here are three things you can do that will support your spouse and empower yourself at the same time:

  1. LISTEN. Your spouse may need to vent. Or, he may want your opinion. Ask him what he needs from you before you jump right in with advice. 
  2. BE CLEAR. Be clear about what exactly you will contribute when it comes to your spouse’s child. That way, your spouse can say, “no need, I’ve got that” or “that would be great, thank you!” or “actually, what would be helpful instead is xyz.” Be equally clear about what you won’t contribute.
  3. LET GO. Recognize what really impacts you and let go of the rest. If you take a step back, you may realize that there are only a handful of things that affect you directly. Let go and let your spouse parent his child.

Manifesto #6 | I will be kind to my stepchild. I will support my husband in his role as her dad. I will contribute – on my own terms.