Be In Communion In Order to Let Go

by childless stepparent


“If you would understand something completely – your neighbor, your wife, or any relationship – you must be near it. You must come to it without any objection, prejudice, condemnation, or repulsion; you must look at it . . . . If I would understand sorrow, I must love it. I must be in communion with it. I cannot do so because I am running away from it through explanations, through theories, through hopes, through postponements, which are all the process of verbalization. So words prevent me from being in communion with sorrow.”¬†

~J. Krishnamurti, On Love and Loneliness

Krishnamurti also tells us that there is an alert, watchful intelligence within us that observes all our experiences. When the observer and the observed integrate, a peaceful, full state arises. He says in order to be free of sorrow, we must experience that we are sorrow. We must let go of all the verbalization and simply be near it.

This practice of turning to face what causes us discomfort is challenging. We so often want to turn away from the deep dissonance within ourselves. But if we simply turn and face it, we see that it’s not quite as troubling as we may have thought. We can find communion.

Then we can step back. Breathe. Let go.