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Stop Competing with Your Stepchild’s Mom

spouse's former spouse

“The people who repel us unwittingly show us the aspects of ourselves that we find unacceptable, which otherwise we can’t see. Other people trigger the karma that we haven’t worked out. They mirror us and give us the chance to befriend all of that ancient stuff that we carry around like a backpack full of granite boulders.” 

~ Pema ChodronStart Where You Are

My husband told me recently that he thinks I’m competing with his daughter’s mom. He’s right. I’m humbled to admit it, but he’s right. My ego has driven me to do things that I know will “show up” his former wife.

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“Love Your Stepchildren As Your Own”

Many stepparents have heard this advice (often from people who are not stepparents): “You should love your stepchildren as your own.”

My response? That is IMPOSSIBLE.

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